D (notusachan) wrote,

Tornado. :c

So there was a tornado last night. My house is okay, but my mom's mom lives in Pine Log, which is where most of the horrible crap happened. They're all fine, but the house is pretty messed up. Logan and I went up there today to help. I took pictures. They were lucky, there's TONS of houses that just... don't exist anymore.

Gonna dump the pictures here, because it's easier than describing this in words.

This was on the way up to her house. We had to turn around, because after we got out to help clear that tree away we noticed... it was like 300 yards of trees blocking the road. We would have been there all day.

I went to school there during 2nd and 3rd grade. It's where I had my speech therapy class. It's also where I developed my love of Poe.

We were driving over power lines and stuff the whole way. It was so weird. At one point Logan and I agreed that it looked more like some documentary about a third world country of some sort than Pine Log, all the crap everywhere.

Yeah, that's a power line.

Her porch used to have a roof. We'd been there for like an hour before I remembered this. It was GONE. As was a lot of her actual roof.

Neighbor's house. One of them was completely gone, the other was just a few interior walls left up.

That's ceiling.

There was a shed right there. The stuff that was inside the shed ended up in that field.

Yeah that used to be where a tree lived.

My brother being a BOSS and putting a tarp up on the roof.

This was just weird.

The bark was like... ripped off in a big sheet on the ground. It was so weird. That tree was smooth as like, a table. XD

On the way home we had to go through a treetunnel. Yep.

So that's that. Red Cross showed up around lunchtime with food and water and whatnot for people who needed it. My county was declared a state of emergency. Yeah. Yeahhhhhh. I don't know how many people here got hurt/killed though. :c
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