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Chicago TARDIS

Now is the point in our travels in which I attempt to sum up the con in a livejournal post. Let's see if this works. Pictures shall be involved, some were taken by me, some were taken by others, so yeah.

I woke up Thursday morning at around 5 AM. Daddy was going to the deer camp, and he has to go near the airport to get there, so he ended up taking me. Of course, this meant I got there like two hours before my plane left, but hey, whatever. I chilled at the gate and all was well.


It's hard to see in this picture, but that bit of cloud that's coming off the ground sort of near the end of the wing of the plane? That's the power plant here. Which means that's also my house, since I live like half a mile from there. Woo!

I... really like taking pictures of the ground from space the air. Don't judge.

There were so many clouds over Chicago it looked like cool whip.

And then I was in Chicago! Omg how exciting! The shuttle came and picked me up to take me to the hotel, where my wife ohliamylia was waiting on me. <33 We put my stuff down in the room and dilly-dallied around for a bit before we decided it was time for THANKSGIVING DINNARS. We made our way down to the lobby and asked what places for food were around, and the guy told us there was a free hotel shuttle that could take us to places. He began to list off restaurants that were around, but considering the first one he said was a place called OMEGA(AAAA), we automatically knew where we were gonna go.

Best restaurant or bestest restaurant?

Anti-matter french toast with strawberries. Delicious thanksgiving meal.

So then it was time to head back to the hotel. We ... got a bit bored.


*ahem* We ended up watching the first bit of Monocled Mutineer (after a great battle with the internet and computer in general) and then hobbit_feets arrived. ... I think by then faience and black_rider might have been there too? Idk. Wellllll we picked up our badges and proceeded to the SUPER SPECIAL PARTY WITH THE GUESTS. Which was mostly everyone sitting and/or standing around awkwardly while there was free crappy pizza to consume if you wanted. We were mostly minding our own business at a table, because it seemed awkward to just go over to a guest and be like OH HAY I LIEK U ON THAT SHOW THING UR IN or whatever.

Well then who should walk over but THE WORLD'S NICEST MAN EVER, Nicholas Briggs. He sits down and has a legit conversation with us, which involved many things, such as him congratulating me on getting everyone else at the table into Big Finish. Teehee. Eventually the party died down and we went to leave. Daphne Ashbrook left at the same time as us and ended up in the elevator with us. She noticed my bag. FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW, my bag is one I made out of a shirt with the eighth Doctor on it. She asked to see my bag. I guess she could just see where it said DOCTOR WHO or something? But I showed her (while blushing furiously) and she flipped out and squeed and asked to take a picture of it. I about died.

Back at the room, I had to hem up Cully's Eight coat though before we could go to sleep. I didn't want to do that before the con because I've never made something for someone who wasn't like... a relative... and was scared it would be too long or something.

Haha Lia took a picture of it. But yeah, so that happened and then we all promptly PASSED THE HELL OUT.

THEN IT WAS FRIDAY MORNING! WOOOOOOOO!!! I threw on Two, Lia put on the Brig, and Cully was all up in her Delgado!Master gear. Annnnnnnnnd we set out to go enjoy the convention funtimes.

Oh, and also Liz was wearing her Five stuff. LOOK HOW PIMP-FLY WE ARE. AWWWH YEAH. I... don't really recall anything terribly exciting happening while we were in those costumes? We didn't wear them for very long. Around like 1 or 2 ish we went back up to the room to change costumes. While we were there, alycorn showed up. Yaaaaay! So we ended up putting on Eight (me), Ianto (Lia), and R101!Charley (Ali). We went down to the dealer's room to check it out, and GUESS WHO WAS IN THERE SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS? Oh yes that's right, India Fisher, Jason Haigh-Ellery, and Nick Briggs. We were the last people in line, and when we got up there we were all LOOK ALI IS DRESSED AS CHARLEY AND HAS RAMSAY. AND TOMORROW I'M GONNA BE CHARLEY TOO.

Now, this is the point in the weekend when, in my opinion, it became fated to be amazing. Because not only were Nick and Jason freaking out at people cosplaying from Big Finish, but India? She was like, literally all choked up that we were dressed as her. They were posing for ALL KINDS OF PICTURES with us, and were telling us we omghad to email the pictures to them since they didn't have a camera. India gave us big hugs and everything. It was amazing. Like, on the one hand it was nice that they loved our costumes, but mostly it was nice just because of how happy it made them, you know?

Oh, and here's a random picture of Charley and Ramsay.

For grate lolz.

The Big Finish panel was sometime that day and we went. AND WHEN IT STARTED THEY WERE ALL OH BTW SOMEONE HERE IS COSPLAYING CHARLEY, STAND UP so Ali stood up and it was fucking awesome. Justsaying. When that was over we were going to wander around and take pictures, but before we could actually take any pictures we found another group of cosplayers who had a photographer and were going to take pictures. So we all JOINED FORCES WOOOO!!

(Oh shut up, we'll pose like whatever random RP-related photoshoops we want to. Gosh.)

JAZZ HANDS. And not-jazz hands from the DoctorDonna. XD

the fuck is going on idk wooooo




Ianto approves of Doctors.

... What happened after that. I can't remember. We somehow ended up hanging out in the lobby for a while before Lia and I got tired and went back to the room for sleep. We got distracted. NOT BY THAT. By taking ridiculous pictures. Most of which involve silly RP things nobody else in the world cares about. XD

Such as Zagreus about to OMNOMNOMNOM Ianto. He sees you in your bed and eats you when you're sleeping btw.


Eight wearing Fitz's jacket. Like that scene in that book. You know. The one where Eight wears Fitz's jacket. Bawwwwwwww that scene.

And then finally we curled up in bed to watch Monocled Mutineer... but I fell asleep. Apparently there was some big hang out party I ended up missing too, but oh well.

SPEAKING OF SLEEP. It's about time I did that myself. SO. I guess this is part one then? And I'll post about Saturday and Sunday and Monday tomorrow? That sounds like a plan, I suppose.
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