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Quick summary of yesterday. (NOT THE FULL CON REPORT.)

Soooo remember that day when Jason Haigh-Ellery found my group of friends, said he loved our costumes, then kissed and hugged us goodbye? And then Paul McGann walked by me in the lobby and told me he loved my smile? And then Nick Briggs, Tony Lee, and Rob Shearman hung out with us in the bar for hours because we were cooler than the party thing they were supposed to be at? And then the big group of us went to the lobby where we were eventually GIVEN a room in which to have our party, because by that point we had already grown from people who were jealous and also wanted to be bffs with aforementioned DW celebrities? All the while though they were still mostly hanging with us?

Yeah, that was a rather surreal day, wasn't it.

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