D (notusachan) wrote,

Halloween 2009

In which Denise spends most the day at work and the makes a fool of herself at Walmart the second Doctor takes a small break in his adventures defeating Cybermen on the moon to do a little shopping.

... In black and white and mostly blurry for maximum Troughton effect.

"Well here I am at Walmart.  What was it Polly said she needed again?  Oh well, maybe I'll look around for a bit and it'll come to me."

"Hmmn, not quite gay or in space enough for my and Jamie's wedding.  Ah well."

"The travel aisle!  My favorite!"

"Now, what was it I needed to pick up?  Oh, oh yes, Polly wrote it down for me, now where did I put that paper... ah, here it is.  Let's see, she needed... oh dear..."

"Note to self: never again agree to do a favor for Polly without first asking what said favor is."



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Aren't you so impressed by my ribbon-bowtie? ;D
LOL!!!!! Amazing! :D
I'm lucky it was Walmart at 1 AM on Halloween, otherwise I probably would've gotten strange looks.

... Also I learned that when you don't wear your glasses into Walmart because they're NOT ACCURATE TO THE COSTUME you have a hard time finding where they keep the paint. :<
It's too bad Two didn't rock the brainy specs!
I know right? Gosh. Needs more brainy specs.
This is why I'm so happy to cosplay Five sometimes because I can tuck my glasses into my shirt pocket and if I need them, I can dramatically pull them out for instant brainy specs!

Though, well, I wear contacts with all of my other costumes at cons, so yeah. I just didn't feel like popping them in tonight, because pfft it was just walmart. XD
/afk, lulzing
ahahaha omg that icon. Jack's all PEWPEWPEW BANG BANG.
He's having fun. Probably in the same way you were.
Actually most of the time I was there I was wandering around going OH GOD WHERE IS THE PAINT I CAN'T SEE THE SIGNS TO READ THEM KSDFJLKAF.

Side note- I did actually wear my glasses when I was driving. Just took them off before I went inside.


7 years ago

Eeeehee, that's adorable. And fantastic. I would totally follow these adventures of the Second Doctor, yes I would.
best LJ entry, ever.
Ahahaha <3
Haha, this is awesome even though I can't tell what the thing Polly ended up needing was.

Did anybody catch on that you were in costume and try to guess who you were supposed to be and totally get it wrong? People have thought my Five was some sort of clown outfit. Its either the celery or the stripey pants.
Why thank you it's pads.

If they wondered, they didn't ask. And if they had asked I probably would have been embarrassed, since this is like... only half of my Two costume. I haven't finished it yet. I was wearing my Eight pants and the bowtie was a bit of ribbon tied in a bow. >>;
You're welcome that was one of my guesses besides tampon and pregnancy kits. I don't know these things.

Even if they asked, there's not a high chance that they would recognize the inaccuracy because no one over here even knows there was a Doctor before Pertwee so you probably wouldn't have to feel TOO embarassed.

I've been toying with the idea of a Two cosplay ever since I realized the pattern on one of my jammy pants is really close to Two's and with some clever alteration, I could be on my way!
...This is how most of my costumes start...
LOL OMG I SHOULD'VE MADE IT PREGNANCY TESTS. The real reason she and Ben left. I mean come on, the TARDIS is no place to raise a child. ;D
But itd be a great place to have a kid for a companion! And not like Adric either. The drama between Ten and Mrs. Jones would be amazing if amped up to someone questioning the Doctor where he gets off taking a little kid to one dangerous situation after another (bonus if its a street smart orphan who stows away. Double bonus if its the Artful Dodger :3 )
OMG Fantastic. Man, I have a Second Doctor outfit that I was going to wear to a convention this year...(and didn't go in the end)

This is awesome.
There you go, with the being RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE again. Frowny face! <3's like whoa.

Also you shop at Wal-Mart? *Gasp* Isn't that against your oath of service or something? Oh, so that's why you had to go in disguise... and at 1 am...