D (notusachan) wrote,

And now for something completely different.

notusachan: Eight is flailing in my headspace right now, you know.
ohliamylia: Ianto is like... weeping in mine, so.
notusachan: Eight doesn't weep.
notusachan: ... He angsts in a manly fashion.

And then.

notusachan: I was about to say that Eight probably has at some point in the novels, but then again in Ancestor Cell there's that big scene where Kreiner's trying to get him to cry and Eight just doesn't.
notusachan: So idk. xD
ohliamylia: He probably cries when he like... spills milk.
notusachan: Yes.
ohliamylia: He's baking and he spills some milk on the counter and just cries.
ohliamylia: And then C'rizz dies and he's like "whatever."
notusachan: "Doctor? What's wrong?" "I SPILLED THE MILK, C'RIZZ. D: D: D:" "... er..."


notusachan: And comic!Eight never cries, for he is manlier than Chuck Norris.
notusachan: DEM ABS.
ohliamylia: Yes, exactly.
ohliamylia: Sometimes he considers crying because no one in the cosmos will ever have abs equal to his and therefore will never be a completely worthy traveling companion.
ohliamylia: But then he remembers his amazing abs and doesn't cry.
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