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Dragoncon 09

So I'm back. I've been back for a while, but I've been messing with pictures. LET'S HOPE I CAN GET THIS POST UP BEFORE IT IS TIME TO GO TO WORK, LOL.
Yeah haha oops.  Okay, now I'll finish typing this. :D

So I got there and headed to registration to get mah badge. I stood in line for like an hour. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

And then I met up with mah bbdoll faience and we headed up to....

THE BRIT TRACK! WOOOOOO YEAH. ... where there was...

a water cooler with a plate for a lid. It amused me. Then we went to find the TARDIS. Because omgomgomg. AND IT MADE THE HUMMING NOISE. I never wanted to leave, ohgod.

"Hello, my name is Charlotte Pollard. My friends call me Charley. I'm an Edwardian Adventuress and I fly around in a TARDIS."

Theeeeennnnnnn we went to the panel with Gareth David Lloyd and James Marsters.

Note: I was pretty close, and could see a hell of a lot better than those pictures. Um yeah.

Highlights from the panel-
-James Marsters was talking about kissing John and all, and he said something like, "It's very different, kissing someone bigger than you instead of kissing someone smaller than you." As in like, kissing a guy instead of a girl.  And GDL turned to him and said, "He's not that much bigger than you."
- GDL is going to be in some movie musical or something of Cinderella in which he plays Prince Charming.  This is most excellent.
- The subject was brought up about when Ianto lied about his father's occupation, and then he was explaining what the department store Ianto's dad worked at was.  "It's like telling everyone your dad is a master tailor when really he works in the clothing section at Target."  I lol'd my ass off.  Does this mean I'm Ianto's father a master tailor?  I'll just pretend. :3
- They were talking about Ianto being dead, and some baby in the crowd started crying, and GDL looks in the direction the bb was, and shouted, "IT'S OKAY IT'S JUST A TV SHOW."  lololol

UND THEN. I found a super tall Ten and got a picture next to the TARDIS.

He made me feel so short. Oh also this:

Then I went to get my bag signed by...


Yeah, that's my Eightbag. Whatev.

Next we went to the dealer's room, where I found this.

Yep, supergiant AMAZING Doctor Who book from the 80s, for five dollars. A good deal, right?

Those things were inside it. Yeah, more like BEST DEAL EVER. Omg. I'm so getting that newspaper clipping framed. Priceless. Poor Pat. ;_; Then it was time for the TVM panel. WITH ERIC AND ELIZA ROBERTS.

I found an Eight!  ... But he didn't seem to know who Charley is.  Because I said something about being Charley.  And he didn't act like he knew wtf I was talking about. 

But so then we were in line waiting, right?  (I say line.  There were like ten of us waiting at this point. Whatever.) and we were talking about Eight's waistcoat fabric and how it DOESN'T FUKKEN EXIST ANYWHERE KLASJKASKJFN *ahem* and colley overheard us and said hello, and I figured out who he was (he mentioned having an Ultimate Adventure Six costume... how many people have Ultimate Adventure Six costumes?) he realized I was dressed as Charley and QUICKLY RAN OFF TO GO CHANGE INTO SAID COSTUME.  Ahaha.  And he made it back just in time for the panel, I was impressed.

o hai Robertses.

Highlights from the panel-
- HALP HALP ERIC ROBERTS IS MISSING! :O  But then they found him.  Yaaay.
- I actually *gasp* asked questions.  Two, in fact.  1) No, he does not have any lolarious stories from the set of Doctor Who, because "it was filmed in five minutes".  and 2) Before the movie, he didn't snore.  Since then however, he's picked up the habit.
- They are such sweet people.  Like, he had said the f-word at one point, and then realized there was a little kid in the room, and he apologized to us all like two times for it.  And and and omg.  They've been married for like ever but they're still so adorably in love.  It was adorable.  You guys just don't even know.  Think whatever you want of his Master, but the man himself is very nice.
- His first thought when he saw the Time Lord robes was, "How much does that weigh? D:"

Roberts!Master: in ur cons, stealin' ur Charley Pollards.

Colin Baker: in ur audios, stealin' ur Charley Pollards.


We decided we were going to go back to the TARDIS and take pictures, right?  Because Charley and Six and yeah.  Before that though, we found...

another Ten.  SHE WAS AMAZING and we hung out together the rest of the con. 

She accompanied us back to the TARDIS, and we ended up just hanging around .... being lolariously 'in character'.  Good times, good times.  And um.  I don't have any pictures of this, because they were all taken on other people's cameras.  Since yeah.  Mine's just a phone.  Right.

Then we went to get Eric Roberts to sign my bag.  Which he did, with amazing handwriting.

He gave GDL's autograph an odd look first though, like he was trying to figure out who it was.  I think he gave up.  Ahaha.  BUT!  So.  While I was standing in the line, Eliza was sitting there, right?  And she said hello, and then told me how I remind her of this girl they know  That I look like her and have the same sort of energy as her.  "Eric thinks so too."  When she said that I was like aklsdjfwat.  Because this means that they must have discussed me at some point.  It is very strange to know that the Master was discussing me with his wife, however briefly it may have been.

Look, a Seven.  You know. That Doctor that Charley skipped over.  Lololol.

Moar Boosh.  There was a nice bit of Boosh cosplay this year.  Makes me MISS THE SHOW SOMETHING FIERCE. happy.  Yaaaaay Boosh.

Charley/R2D2's cousin = OTP, amirite?

And then we went to Alan's Gay Themes in the Whoniverse panel.  Which.... could more accurately be described as That Line Ianto Had In Children of Earth Where He Claimed He Was Only Gay For Jack panel. -_-;;  I mean, it was a nice panel, but people shouldn't have spent 90% of it talking about the same. freaking. thing.  But whatevs.  There were two trivia prizes (from BBC America, woo!) they had to give out, and they couldn't think of a second trivia question, so I was all, "I've got one that has something to do with the panel, actually, if you can't think of one."  So they let me ask my question, which was which of Eight's companions is a lesbian.  And NOBODY. KNEW.  One person said Benny, even though like, she has been married and slept with the Doctor, but good try anyways. XD  One of the guys running the panel knew it was Izzy, and he said that I should get the prize since nobody else knew the answer.  Haha.  It's some tshirt for some show or movie or something I've never seen.  Oh well, free shirt, amirite? :D

Alan came over and talked for a bit after the panel about ~exciting things~, like Jamie traveling with Six.  Alan is awesome.  Everybody should love Alan.

Thennnnnnnnnnnn it was night-night time.  Liz and her roomies are THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE EVER for letting me crash in their room for free.  Like, seriously.  So much love.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM FORWARD to this morning.  I most definitely did not feel like binding and man-make-up-ing today, so I wore Charley again instead of Eight for the Prydon Academy photo/video shoot.  I felt a little bad later, because there wasn't an Eight, and everything needs more Eightlove, but there also wasn't a Three, so it's not like he's the only one we didn't have.  And I also sorta started wishing I'd brought Victoria, because there was an awesome Tomb of the Cybermen style Cyberman.  And a Two.  And a Zoe.  alk;sdjf.  But!  Charley was fun too, and I got to take moar lolarious pictures with Six.

I didn't take too many pictures on my phone, since it'll just be easier to get the pictures from other people when they start poping up.  I did take a few though.


OH NO SHARAZ JAK! PERI GON' GIT RAEPED.  Oh, side note about that Peri.  We met her and her sister (who was dressed as Amy Pond) on Friday, right?  ... And apparently they RP on Livejournal.  And apparently we've ran into one another on

dear_mun .  Like, several times.  They knew Eight, Tigger!Eight, and Koschei.  Yeah, it was awesome and freaky all at the same time. I love it though. Omfg.

TEEN GIRL SQUAD. CHEERLEADER. SO-AND-SO. ....Whatsherface and the Ugly One aren't there though. But omgggggg I love these two girls. Best. Cosplay. Ever. I HAVE A CRUSH ON EEEEEEEVERY BOY.

lol jellybabies. SO LIKE. That Master had an inflatable toclafane. I am so jealous. I wish I had had an inflatable toclafane when I cosplayed him. Woe.

o hay k9 whats up?

I can't wait for those other pictures to start showing up. I think Liz has it on her camera, but I got this one of me standing between Seven and Five with a 'hmmn' look on my face. It's Charley trying to decide which Doctor she wants Big Finish to let her travel with next. Clearly. lolol omg stfu I amuse myself, if nobody else.


Costume-wise.  I definitely need a wig.  My hair WOULD NOT WOULD NOT WOULD NOT WOULD NOT stay straight.  I straightened it in the morning, and then by the time I had gotten to Atlanta it was curly again.  wtf is this nonsense?  It didn't use to do that.  Just... randomly curl up of its own accord.  Plus, while there are a few pictures of India Fisher with hair the length mine is right now... she nine times out of ten has shorter hair.  So I should try to get me some of that shorter hair stuff. XD  The costume itself... makes me look like a fat cow, I think, but it was comfortable.  I don't know.  What do you all think about it?  I'm worried that it looks more Little House on the Prairie and not at all like an Edwardian Adventuress.  :/

EDIT: wtffffff.  I seem to be having technical difficulties, in that a good bit of my post just... isn't.... showing up, for some reason.  baaaah wtf.  I'm going to try to fix this.  ... Might end up just reposting it as a comment though because it's for srs just not showing up D: I think I fixed it now.  Maybe.  Let's hope. :D

EDIT TWO:  alskdjf sorry everyone who checked their flist there for a moment when my pictures had slipped out underneath the cut. D:

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