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Absolution quotes (beginning and the end)

I'm putting these here for future reference.  Also?  Because they're kickass.  Also also?  Because they make me cry.  STFU I CAN DO WHAT I WANT.

ab - so - lu - tion -- noun.  The remission of sins granted by a chosen emancipator of the Church of the Foundation.  An emancipator hand-picked from the Eutermesan masses and rewarded for obedience and total devotion.  One governed by the laws of a timeless universe, to which, should he ever leave it, he may never, ever return.  Out here, amongst these wandering souls, souls who call to me, beg me to join them.  Out here, those laws no longer apply.

Aaaaaaaand now for the break up scene.  Lolol.
(D = Doctor and C = for cookie Charley, obvs.)

D: You alright, Charley?
C: The TARDIS seems to have repaired itself.
D: Yep, everything seems back to the way it was before.
C: Before what?
D: Time and place, Charley, come on, where to next?  How about a spot of Commaedia dell'Arte? To cheer you up?  Harlequin, Collumbina, of course my favorite's always been Il de Torre.
C: How can you be like this?
D: What?
C: Doctor, C'rizz is dead.  He just turned to dust in front of us, and look at you.  All smiles and 'where to next, Charley."
D: I-- I'm sorry--
C: Sorry? Just now?  You said back to the way it was before.  You meant before C'rizz, didn't you?  It's almost as if you're glad.  Glad he's gone, is that it?
D: Charley, I'm not sure what to say to you.  I know what's happened is painful for you--
C: Painful?  For me?  What about you?
D: I--
C: You never really cared for him, did you Doctor?  Well?  Come on, admit it.
D: Charley, that's just not true.
C: Isn't it?  Look at yourself.  You're perfectly happy to just, just-- I don't know, to carry on as if nothing has happened.  How can you do that?  Oh, it's because you liked it the way it used to be.  Before the divergent universe.  Just you, and naive little Charlotte Pollard hanging on your every word.
D:  Charley, Charley, Charley, stop-- stop this now.
C: The little girl you saved from the Web of Time.
D: *sound of console noises*
C: The only thing you really care about is this wretched machine. *laughs* Look at you, now you're hurt.
D: People come and go.  Look it's-- it's not that I don't care about them, but--
C: But what, Doctor?
D: Charley, everybody leaves.  Everybody.  When it comes down to it, there's just me, and the TARDIS.
C: Take me home.
D: What?
C: I think I've had enough.  Yeah.  I'm finished.
D: Charley, home means somewhere over France.  Back aboard the R101.
C: Does it?  I thought this was home.
D: Look I think you just-- just need--
C: I'm going to my room now to pack.  I'd appreciate it if you let me know when we've arrived.
D: Charley--
C: No, Doctor.  Remember.  Everybody leaves.
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